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Managing and co-ordinating the communications activities for events and conferences is no easy matter. It takes attention to the tiniest of details, along with an understanding of the largest of display media. Not to mention last minute personalised print requirements, and 11th hour set changes. We love it.

How to enjoy a great event

Hosting conferences and events is always stressful.
But it doesn’t have to be negative stress.

Here are some of the things that we have learned over the years:

  • the best events prepare attendees well in advance, with detailed programmes, brochures, booklets, and these days, with iPad apps
  • use emails to announce the event, with online booking and confirmation systems whenever possible
  • send regular reminders as the date draws near, to reinforce the reasons to attend, and minimise no-shows
  • use calendar entries (.ics) to automatically put the dates into everyone’s diary
  • email a good map and directions the day before (even if you’ve already done it)
  • if you need help with logistics, choose an experienced partner. This is no time for first timers
  • always make it easy for delegates to find the schedule, speakers’ bios, lists of other participants
  • when you need print and display materials, select a partner who is never phased by last minute approvals or revisions. It’s hard enough managing your speakers. You don’t want your suppliers getting prima donna-ish too
  • be prepared to roll your sleeves up. Things can get tough backstage. At Hive we always carry an emergency toolkit. After all, you can never have too much duct tape.

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