Website development

These days everyone has got a website. And building sites is a service that lots of design agencies offer. But really understanding what makes a website perform for you and your customers, that’s a different skill set. Hive have a great deal of expertise in building success on the web. (We also have great developers).

Building successful websites

The internet is such a huge deal that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it. At Hive, we treat digital media like old fashioned media, by starting with principles that never change.

First, define your objectives, and your audience. Until you have done this, there is no point is going any further.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • decide on the exact purpose of the website and keep that firmly in mind throughout the site building process
  • websites don’t need to be works of art, but they must reflect the core values of your brand
  • a good website needs to be robust. It should never fall over
  • links can be helpful, downloads too. Videos can be fun, and informative. Just make sure they all function perfectly, for every visitor to the site
  • these days your site must work beautifully on smartphones and tablets. There are no excuses
  • update your site regularly. Out of date stuff just looks like you don’t care
  • check your site thoroughly for accuracy, in spelling, and grammar. People do get upset about these things
  • don’t be afraid to do something different. Just research it thoroughly with your customers before you go live
  • remember, your job is to connect the user with their goal.

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