You’ve been asked to submit your proposal… it’s a big account, and would make a huge difference to your sales targets. You’ve got the numbers right, you’ve answered the questions correctly, you’re confident your solution is going to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. So why didn’t your tender get snapped up?

There are many factors at play during a decision making process you are unlikely to observe, or even hear any detail in the outcome afterwards! Here are just two…

  • If the prospect is not a regular customer of yours, there may be an incumbent supplier that you are up against. With an incumbent, your tender has to more than just equal the offer – it needs to “wow”, and in some cases be significantly better in order to push the prospect out of their comfort zone to try you instead!
  • If the proposal is considered by a committee, they might well have a checklist that each tender must meet – and although your proposal ticks all the boxes, there is an emotional factor that should be considered too! Your content needs to engage, to inspire confidence, create excitement in some instances – people still buy from people, but if your proposal creates the right mood people will warm more to you more quickly and let you concentrate on doing what you do best!

At Hive we have a great track record in helping clients create engaging, powerful tender documents – you supply the words and numbers, and we can put together a great document – whether a Powerpoint presentation that you drive or a leave-behind or emailable PDF file. We are fast and responsive, happy to offer advice and ideas to bolster your proposal, even produce final professionally-printed documents to submit.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“As I sit reflecting about this week on the train home I just wanted to again say a big thank you for your help this week. The document put together is another fantastic piece of work, and can only be bettered by your attitude and speed of response reacting to the amendments we have sent through. I am confident that the quality of your work will only help us with our bid to win this very large piece of work.”

“Thought I ought to let you know that I have a new job, looking after <REDACTED> – all the hard work paid off and not only did we win the account, but I also got a promotion!”

If you regularly get tender opportunities, have a chat with us and see if we can help you to land those key accounts. Call David on 01908 521269.