Simply put, an infographic is a graphic containing information data or knowledge intended to present information clearly, quickly, and easily understood at a glance.

Large amounts of data are very difficult to sort through, but infographics make information presentable and digestible to your audience, since they simplify that data, to see relationships and patterns, and to monitor changes in variables over time, by enhancing the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

In short they:

• Present complex information quickly and clearly

• Integrate words and graphics to reveal information, patterns or trends

• Are easier to understand than words alone

• Are attractive and engaging

AND a good infographic is worth a thousand words!

Good infographics tend to spread easily, with hundreds of social shares, views, links, and comments.

It could have something to do with the fact that human beings process visual content faster than written content, our brains processing visual data approximately 60,000 times faster than text. This means we all comprehend graphics better than text.

It appears that we tend learn quicker, and potentially absorb more, when information is presented to us in a visual format as opposed to written text. This would seem to explain why infographics are so popular then, as they go straight to our heads — that is, they’re designed to be absorbed faster and have a longer-lasting effect than written articles.

Infographics tend to be very well-designed too, and are crafted around interesting or challenging topics. Together, these factors provide the perfect storm for social shares and viral success.

If you’ve decided infographics are the way forward for your business’ content marketing, we are very happy to have a chat about producing inspiring and attractive designs to develop your audience engagement.  Give us a call 01908 521269.